Northtown Registry offers a wide variety of Corporate Registry services. These include:

  • Annual Return filing
  • Corporate Searches
  • New Registration of Trade Names, Partnerships, Incorporations and Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Change of Address and Directors/Shareholders for Incorporations
  • Revivals of Incorporations
  • Amendments to Incorporations
  • NUANS (name) Searches
  • Minute Books and Corporate Seals
  • Certified Copies of corporate documents

Useful Forms & Links

All Corporate Registry Forms can be found on the Service Alberta Website.

  • Trade Names and Partnerships
    For registration of a Trade Name, registration of a Partnership or to change the address or dissolve your trade name or partnership.

  • New Corporation
    Under Section 3 – Articles of Incorporation form, Notice of Address for Incorporation form, Notice of Directors for Incorporation form (under Section 3 of this page).
    *if you are incorporating a named company, you will be required to order a NUANS search. This can be requested in our office.

  • Maintaining Your Alberta Corporation
    Under the “Change and Update’ Section – to make changes to your existing Alberta Corporation including Annual Returns, Change of Address, Change of Directors and Change of Address of Directors forms.

  • Reviving Your Alberta Corporation
    Under the “Revival’ Section – Articles of Revival, Annual Return, Notice of Directors and Notice of Address forms.

  • Dissolving Your Alberta Corporation
    Under the “Dissolution/Liquidation’ Section – Articles of Dissolution, Statement/Revocation of Intent to Dissolve forms.

  • Extra-Provincial Registrations, Societies/Non-Profit and Cooperatives